The NVIDIA GeForce2 family brings leading-edge technology to performance, mainstream, and mobile users.

By combining a second-generation transform and lighting architecture, with the NVIDIA Shading Rasterizer (NSR) and features such as TwinView dual-display, the GeForce2 family is the ideal solution for 3D multimedia, gaming on the go, video conferencing, and DVD playback.


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GeForce2 Ultra, Ti, Pro, and GTS: The world’s first shading GPU.
The ideal solutions for: 
3D gaming
HDTV and DVD playback
3D multimedia applications

GeForce2 MX Series The mainstream GPU
The ideal solutions for: 
Business applicationsVideo conferencing
Multiple display flexibility

GeForce2 Go Series The world’s first mobile GPU
The ideal solutions for: 
Mobile business
Gaming on the go
Multiple display

統一驅動程式架構 (UDA)
是NVIDIA Forceware統一軟體環境(USE)的一部分。NVIDIA UDA保證與前端及後端驅動程式軟體相容。由於所有NVIDIA的產品以相同驅動程式軟體運作,因此升級將簡化到只要換成NVIDIA的新產品即可。