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NVIDIA Quadro Sync

NVIDIA Quadro Sync solutions enable the creation of dazzling ultra-high resolution, perfectly synchronized displays to meet the visualization and presentation needs across industries. Designed for flexibility and scalability, Quadro Sync boards connect to select NVIDIA Quadro GPUs, synchronizing them with the displays or projectors attached to them. Quadro Sync also enables NVIDIA Quadro Mosaic™ technology on those synchronized displays and projectors, providing an easy way to scale the resolution of any application.

Quadro Sync 與 Quadro Kepler GPU 皆支援 Windows 7 及 Linux,藉以提供穩健的系統,讓您:

  • 讓多投影機系統或是視訊牆做任意的影像組合 (或是配置),且不影響效能
  • 針對多輸入顯示裝置 (例如 4K 投影機或面板),調校輸入
  • 維持多部系統正確顯示 3D 立體效果
  • 根據外部時序來源調校顯示器或投影機。
NVIDIA Quadro Sync II


Sync 主機板
  Sync Sync II
每張 Sync 卡最多能使用的 GPU 數量 4 4
每部系統最多能使用的 Sync 卡數量 1 2*
每部系統最多能同步的 GPU 數量 4 8*
每部系統最多能使用的螢幕與投影機數量 16 32*
Quadro Mosaic™ 最多能使用的螢幕與投影機數量 16 32*
支援立體顯示 Check Check
支援投影機重疊 Check Check
Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) 支援 Check Check
*期望在 2017 年第 1 季時透過應用軟體更新,以增強 Quadro Sync II 卡的支援功能

Flexible and scalable deployment of ultra-high resolution display systems

  • A broadcaster can power up to a 32* 4K-display video wall for on-air display with just one system.
  • A flight simulator can move from HD resolution to four-input 4K projectors with the same-size visualization cluster.
  • A research lab can create a stereoscopic 3D display wall of up to 32* displays with just one system.

* Support requires a future software update. Sync cards currently support a maximum of 16 HD displays.


Synchronize using SLI Bridge

For simple synchronization for dual GPU installations of NVIDIA Mosaic, consider the options of using an SLI bridge.
The Quadro P6000, P5000, P4000, M6000 24GB, Quadro M5000 and Quadro M4000 support SLI. Learn more about SLI here.

To contact an NVIDIA multi-display expert, please contact us at QuadroSVS@nvidia.com